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About Me

It has been my honour to serve as one of your OECTA Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF) Governors since 2017, and I reach out to all OECTA AGM delegates, asking for your support and your vote as I seek re-election as one of your OTF Governors and also election to the position of OTF Table Officer on our Provincial Executive  at AGM2023.

I am a father of 3, a grandfather of 3, and, apparently, on my good days, an above average husband of 1.  I have spent 20 years dedicated to the vocation of teaching, 18 of which have been in Ontario, and the last 16 years as a union activist to support and empower those who share that vocation.  As a full-time secondary school Guidance Counsellor with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, I work on the front lines of education with the amazing and dedicated professionals I am honoured to call colleagues, mentors and friends.

I have deep roots in publicly funded Catholic education.  My father spent the vast majority of his teaching career working as an elementary teacher in Alberta's publicly funded Catholic schools.  I graduated from the publicly funded Catholic education system in Alberta.  My oldest two daughters are both graduates of publicly funded Ontario Catholic schools (HWCDSB).  My youngest daughter is currently in Grade 9 with the HCDSB and my youngest grandson attends SK with the HCDSB.  I am proud to be a part of protecting and promoting high quality publicly funded Catholic education.

I have learned from hard experience the need for strong unions, solidarity amongst workers, and the empowerment of the disadvantaged and marginalized.  I have spent years working within my local OECTA unit and within the Peel Regional Labour Council to build connections and solidarity with like-minded union activists, community organizers and concerned educators.  Beyond my involvement as an OTF Governor, I serve on committees with my OECTA local (DPSU) and the OTF, have served on the Board of Trustees for both the United Way of Peel & the United Way of Greater Toronto, and enjoy organizing fundraisers at my school for such organizations as the Moon Time Sisters. 

I began my vocation as a teacher somewhat later in life, beginning teaching at the age of 33 after working in retail & retail management for over a decade.  Having only been teaching in Ontario since 2005, I still have over a decade before I can be in a position to consider retirement.   Protecting our pension - for current retires, those currently paying into our pension and for future generations of teachers - is an essential element of our compensation and a driving force of my continued passion as an OTF Governor.

I humbly seek your support to be re-elected as one of your OECTA OTF Governors and to be your OTF Table Officer on our Provincial Executive.

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